An open-source, easy-to-use automated plant watering solution.

An icon of a plant inside of a pot.

What is FarmSignal?

FarmSignal is an open-source, easy-to-use automated plant watering system that automatically waters your plants.

Learn How to Assemble

Learn how to assemble the hardware so you can start monitoring your plant!.


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Technology Stack

A brief description of all the technologies used to make this project possible.

Raspberry Pi

A small single-board computer used to interface with various sensors to acquire plant data.


A programming language used to interface with the Raspberry Pi and various sensors.


A JavaScript-based library used to build user interfaces.


A JavaScript-based web framework used to build the API routes of the web application.


An open-source relational database.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon's cloud platform for hosting web applications.

Meet the Team

The following members developed the FarmSignal project.


Alan Constantino

Team Captain, Front-End Lead, Lead Hardware Programmer

Stanley Leem

Front-End Team

Javier Barrera

Front-End Team


Irmuun Zamilan

Back-End Lead

Armando Guardado

Back-End Team

Jonathan Salcedo Manriquez

Back-End Team